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During Production
During the manufacturing stage, we will randomly sample and perform an inspection to verify that the goods are being produced to the specifications of our clients. If a problem is detected, quality measures will be implemented in order to rectify the problem.
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Final Random

When 80% of production is completed, a random sampling will be performed using the ANSI standard and our inspectors will perform an inspection to determine the major and minor defects of the consignment. A final report will be submitted to our clients detailing our inspector's findings and also confirming if the inspection is within the acceptable quality levels.

Loading Supervision

This service is a verification of both the number of cartons being loaded as well as their contents. We will also verify the cleanliness of the container and will seal it upon completion of the loading.


A full range of testing services are provided for garments and toys.


S.A.V.E. is our Social Accountability, Verification and Evaluation program and we offer this to clients that are concerned with Social, Ethical and Legal Issues. The services we offer under S.A.V.E. are:

 Social Audits– This audit focuses on the human rights and working conditions of employees in foreign factories. A complete evaluation focusing on working conditions, child labor, fire safety, dormitory conditions, wages, and other issues are reported along with photos. If a factory fails the audit, we will work with both our clients and their factories to improve on the questionable points.

 Transshipment Audits - This service deals with country of origin issues and we will audit a factory during the sewing stage to ensure that they are in compliance with all US Customs regulations.

Factory Evaluation – Prior to placing an order with a new factory, a company may have questions or concerns with their capabilities and professionalism. We will perform a complete evaluation to verify the number of people working, type of equipment they use in order to produce the product, daily or weekly production output, cleanliness and overall qualifications.

Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism - With this new US Customs initiative, importers are being asked to perform a complete evaluation on the supply chain overseas to help reduce any foreign materials or personal coming into contact with their goods. This service focuses on the overall security of the factory, identifying the personal that come into contact with our client's goods and verifying the stuffing of the container to ensure that what is being loaded is actually what our clients ordered.
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